FISHING KAYAK "Tribalance" - $795 (Kathleen)

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boat type: kayak/canoe/SUP
propulsion type: human
condition: like new
engine hours (total):
length overall (LOA): 14
make / manufacturer: Tribalance
model name / number: 14
year manufactured: 2015
ONE LEFT......

TRIBALANCE fishing kayak.
795.00 Firm.

-NOTE; hull is like brand new with almost no scratches.

-Always kept in garage. Like brand new.
-Overall hull length is 14 feet and width is a narrow 21 inches. The cockpit is 16.5 X 31.75
-Front and aft sealed bulkheads for flotation with waterproof hatches. Back hatch has hard and soft-neoprene cover.
-Front screw type hatch access. Back large opening hatch. fastex buckle tie down.
-All stainless hardware.
-Bungee gear stow on front deck.
-Adjustable footstops. On aluminum rails.
-Removable seat for stand up casting. seat repositionable to back deck for seated fishing.
-6'wide stabilizer pontoons for balanced standing fishing. Pontoons provide extra stability while paddling.
-Quick deployment and breakdown of removable pontoon stabilizers. Pontoons and supports Easily fit in hull for transport.
-Kayak paddles breakdown for stowing.
-MSRP bare Kayak was 1k. added equipment hatch covers and hull kits a 500 dollar value.

Flats fisher.com
This could be your fathers kayak. It has been mentioned as a kayak with 'training wheels' which you would expect as a little ribbing from another paddler. It makes you think a bit though when the comment comes from a complete stranger. One thing is certain, this craft will get some attention, and maybe make some friends. Almost like the having a carnival side show.
After you get away from the stares and curiosity there are some compelling reasons why this boat may be the most versatile of kayaks. When I first was introduced to paddle fishing time was short. I saw the activity on the message boards and wanted to take part as soon as possible. I did not know much other than I wanted to fish. I did take some time researching, asking questions and thinking of my future fishing adventures.
As I mentioned the Tribalance has a clear difference from most other yaks you will see on the water. It is the Outriggers. One of the leading reasons I picked the Tribalance was provision of the design for standing and fishing.
In particular I planned to do some flyfishing both on the flats and the freshwater streams. There were several new kayaks coming into the market at the time I began to seriously look at buying my kayak, including the WS Tarpon and Hobie Mirage. These options made my decision more difficult.
The Tribalance is a unique craft and as I mentioned it is immediately apparent when you see it. I have heard comments that it looks similar to the USS Enterprise from Star Trek series. This is due to the outriggers extending from the stern with a width of about 90 inches. This feature provides ultimate stability; the boat is unlikely to ever capsize.
As you can see in this picture the Tribalance is a narrow craft. Any suggestion that the design is slow are unfounded.

The outriggers add only a slight addition to the drag. A good paddler can move this boat quickly.

Other dimensions are typical of a sit in touring yak. Overall hull length is 14 feet and width is a narrow 21 inches. The cockpit is 16.5 X 31.75 inches. Sounds small but I can attest that almost anyone can fit inside.
This brings up another feature, this is also a SOT of sorts. The design allows the seat pad to flip up on the deck behind the cockpit, directly over the rear bulkhead. This provides a high, dry and stable ride. When used in this way the full cockpit provides a massive area for an open tackle box, easily accessible storage or a stripping area for the fly angler. All secure and tithing easy reach at your feet. Storage is impressive when you consider the size. The boat has a rear oval hatch 9.5 x 14.5 inches. This opening is large enough to allow me to store a 30 inch boat bag, a flared case with a 9 ft two piece rod (yes, over 50 inches!) as well as clothes, spare rigging, food and... it really is incredible. Now to the front where you have a 6 inch round screw in hatch. This area would be ideal for food items, clothing or other smaller items.
So why consider the Tribalance?
1) If you need the ability to stand without effort,
2) Require all season fishing capability, sit in or sit on.

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