2009 nissan murano - $1,200 (lakeland)

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condition: good
fuel: gas
odometer: 200000
paint color: white
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: wagon
Here it is the car you were not looking for

the one vehicle that no one chooses for their first vehicle. Except for me. It had all the warning signs of Do Not Buy attached to it, but it screamed freedom. It is average on 4 wheels.
It will always let you down with its constant radiator leak and canning ability to lose power steering at just the moment i need to turn a hard corner.
If you need a car that will get you from A to B i am sure there are other choices, but this this is the Rocky of vehicles. The underdog, it will go the distance no matter how hard it gets hit. As my first vehicle I put it to the test and it just wouldn’t die. It went down hard a few times, but a new alternator and a new battery later this thing was taking me to soccer practice the next day like nothing happened.
If you want a car with low miles look elsewhere because this has almost 200k miles on it, and i added a few thousand myself in my quest for teenage freedom and independence.

Storage you ask? Space? this has it, but can you get to it? Just depends on how limber you are. With that pesky latch on the hatch that never works you will test your flexibility trying to crawl into the back and drag your practice gear back out the way you came.

But you will have fond memories driving with the windows down and jamming out to music like I did. Mostly beacuse you will never forget how much you can sweat driving in the florida summer with ac that does not work. as long as your favorite music is on the AM/FM radio because the CD player is taking a momentary break from operating, and if you love the soft crackle of old speakers you will lip sync like Milli Vanilli. Like my dad says this car harkens back to a day when you much appreciate the simplicity in life. Using Maps to navigate and using your rear view window to back up. This vehicle has classic written all over it, it will make you appreciate the finer things in life Mostly because by buying this you will wish you had them.
Alas, this car must go my dad calls it a lawn ornament and I am off to college.
If you have the desire and ability to fix a few things this car will take you the next few thousand miles and give you the ability to tell your kids one day, “you should of seen my first car…the car I drove was a piece of work. …it will help you build character”

So if you’re looking to build your character I am asking $1200 mostly because my dad said people want to make a deal and feel like they got something from you. So make me an offer and I am sure I will make it seem like the deal of a lifetime

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