Guitar or Bass Lessons, Live 1 on 1 or Skype, etc. (Lakeland and Beyond)

offered in person
offered virtually
Now is an excellent time to stop putting off learning to play that instrument you've been wanting to for some time. I have some afternoon time slots open for lessons either live or via Skype. $25.00 per hour is the normal rate. If you choose to pay monthly or are a veteran, fireman, police, etc., the charge is $80.00 a month which works out to $20 a week. I'm currently accepting payment through PayPal but cash only for live lessons. I'm over 60 and have COPD so you can be assured I have a safe, virus free environment. So, If it's just for fun or if you have professional aspirations, I can get you there quicker and cheaper by supplying individualized support and I even supply all lesson materials free. I'll not only teach you what you need to know to play what you want to play but WHY you need to know it. I also solve whatever problems you're having with equipment, techniques, etc. Don't be taken in by music store lessons that have you locked into buying their strings, books and instruments and have you playing scales for months, getting nowhere toward your goals. I'll get you there quicker, with less expense. Here's my qualifications and a sample of what you'll be mastering. Beginners are very welcome!

Summary of Qualifications

20 + years of Pro Studio recording experience, for advice or direction

More than 40 years experience in playing 6 and 7 string guitar and 4, 5 and 6 string bass guitar

Also plays drums and some keyboards (I don't teach these)

First public performance at age 5 on piano

5 years in Elementary and Middle School Chorus

Played drums for 4 years in high school concert, stage and marching bands

35+ years experience performing in bands with diverse and varied styles and genres, including Top

40, Pop, Blues, Country, R & B, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Death Metal

Hosted open jam night at the Brass Mug in Tampa for 1 1/2 years

Has performed with many local, regional, national and international artists

Reads and writes tabs and notation

Composes music and lyrics

Proficient in improvisation, jamming (comping) and laying down grooves with a drummer

Extensive stage/live performance experience

Teaching Concepts

Introduction to the guitar

Playing various styles of music

The parts of a guitar and their function

Harmonization and root structures

Music theory

How to care for the instrument

Tunings and alternate tunings

Reading tab and notation

Importance of being a team player

Notes and rhythms

Ability to advance on his or her own

Playing simple melody lines

Ear training and recognizing perfect pitch

Basic Chords (major) Playing in the pocket

Minor chords Question and answer soloing techniques

Open chords and bar chords

Point-counterpoint and complementary playing

Importance of rhythm and syncopation

Style and presence

Song structures

Proper rehearsal procedures

Solos and solo structure

Chord fragments and arpeggios

Scales and modes

Improvisation and playing outside the box

Techniques for soloing

Playing with feeling

Soloing over different formats and chord structures

Bottleneck slide playing

All kinds of tricks and tips

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