Orange Spotted Filefish (Lakeland)

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I am looking for a new home for a prequarantined orange spotted filefish already trained on prepared foods. These are not beginner fish, please do your research on them. I would like him to go to an experienced saltwater aquarist. Many sources online will state that they cannot be kept long term in an aquarium setting, but as long as they are eating well this seems to not be the consensus among most who have kept them, and I have had my larger ones close to a year now.

I am rehoming this one is because he is quite a bit smaller than my other two and was getting bullied by them in my main tank. I have temporarily moved him to my 14 gal nano, but he cannot stay in that small of a tank for very long as he will outgrow it. He eats prepared foods well, mostly Easy Reefs Masstick and a variety of pellet foods. These are beautiful fish, and not easy to find, but they do have high potential to nip at sps corals, as the coral mucus is a large part of their diet in the wild. If you have a tank full of small sps frags you are trying to grow out, this may not be the fish for you. He would be excellent in a softie/lps tank, or a large mixed reef or sps tank with plenty of full grown colonies.

There is a $60 rehoming fee.

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