Needing emergency place to stay ASAP (Lakeland)

Hello everyone. I currently rent a room from someone from Facebook market place and have been there two months. I am in fear of harm coming to me in my own place from the landlord, two roommates and the landlords cousin. The one roommate already grabbed me by the throat and I am currently on my way to the courthouse to follow restraining order. However, all of the people I’ve mentioned are in cahoots with each other, and I can’t put a restraining order on the landlord, so I feel he’s going to try to lie and do anything he can to get me out because he’s friends with them. I do work, but it’s part time. I’ve had the police there yesterday and the officer spoke with them separately without me there and I’m just scared for my life and I really would like to get out, but I don’t have the money to do it. If someone could please have a heart and help me with a place to stay so I can get back on my feet after this. I have already given my rent money , so I’ll only have 100 and something dollars maybe two on Monday. I work on North Cumby so I’d like to stay not too far away from it cause I do not have a vehicle nor a bike as it got stolen two weeks ago. I’m sure we have all struggled at one point in our life and a lot of people are there to learn to helping hand. I’m a good guy. He’s very clean and quiet. I have no drama issues, and I stayed to myself.

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