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USA-Judo Curriculum Cards – Digital PDF $9.95 and 5x7 Glossy Cards $19.95 + SH.

These Judo Curriculum Cards provide any Judoka with a comprehensive list of the traditional Kodokan Judo curriculum, which will be helpful in preparing for their next Kyu rank. Each card provides a list of techniques and terminology appropriate for each Kyu rank, including both Japanese and English translations, for Rokyu, Gokyu, Yonkyu, Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu, and Shodan ranks. This set also includes an additional card that includes over 100 additional Kaeshi Waza (Counter Techniques) and Renraku Waza (Combination Techniques). These cards are easy to use, carry, organize, and study with from anywhere making studying for your next rank easier. These cards are great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, including juniors and seniors alike.

We understand that every Judo Club is unique and that every Club has its own set of curriculum, but most of the techniques and terminology are universal throughout the world. Although translations may differ from club-to-club and language-to-language, overall, the technique names and terminology are relatively consistent.

The techniques and terminology included have been compiled from a variety of sources including various websites, books, posters, videos, handbooks, etc., translated using real human translators assisted by AI in some instances. We have spent the last year compiling the information into a clear, concise, and convenient manner. These cards are not intended to provide instruction on how to perform any of the techniques, but rather serve as an outline of what techniques and terminology that may be required at each rank.

These cards do not include other testing information such as physical fitness requirements, life lessons, dojo etiquette, principles, or core concepts. These cards primarily focus on techniques and their translations.

Purchase your cards today and improve your Judo skills and knowledge. The cards are sold as a set and are not sold individually. These cards are in a protected Digital PDF format and will be made available for immediate download.

Designed by Judokas for Judokas! Seiroyku Zenyo and Jita Kyoei for all!!

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