10k 5 ton Equipment trailer open flatbed new used 20' 18' 22' 24ft car - $2999 (Mulberry Florida Equipment Trailers 10k 20')

6925 State Road 60 Building C

(google map)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Equipment trailers Open flatbed
model name / number: Equipment open Trailer Flatbed
paint color: black
size / dimensions: 20FT Equipment 24 FT trailer
year manufactured: 2020

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This trailer is without question the nicest trailer you will find anywhere.

How do I pick a trailer? Read the article below.

WHY ARE WE CHEAPER? We build exclusively flatbed, bumper pull equipment trailers. we are faster, more accurate, and made right here in Florida. You are not paying dealer fees or shipping from out of state.

Weight Class: 10ETC Series - 10,400 LB Flatbed Equipment haulers

!!! EXTREME DUTY PAINT SYSTEM !!! Acid Wash...Primer coat...Extreme Duty enamel Final coat
!!! Lots of heavy Duty Forged D-Ring Tie Downs !!!

Coupler:14000lb Coupler
Jack: 5,000lb
Chassis Main Rails: 5" Channel
Crossmembers: Heavy Duty 3" Channel
Ramps: 60" Heavy Duty Flip-up Equipment Ramps with Stabilizer kickstands. they are adjustable side to side and removable.
Tongue: 5" Tubing Wrapped to the axles for strength.
Tires: Heavy duty Steel-belted Radial Tires.



We completely acid etch the trailer. It is so clean when we are done that if we failed to paint the trailer with in 2 hours it would be completely flash rusted. The acid etch process removes all mill oils and scale. The acid pits the steel with micro pores. The Life Coat corrosion eliminating primer is the heart of the system. Most trailers have black enamel or powder coating. This does not bond to a trailer like Life Coat primer. If you chip Powder coating of plain enamel paint it will flake off and moisture creeps under to destroy the coating. Our paint will not do this. Last, we coat the trailer with a glossy black enamel specially formulated to cure properly in the Florida heat and humidity. Our paint has extra UV protectant to slow the sun chaulking process...making our coating last much longer than the CHEAPER powder coating.

Example of how Bigfoot Sizes Trailers 10ET20 = 20Ft Trailer = 18' Flat Deck + 2 Ft Dove Tail
10ET 16ft Equipment trailer 2999
10ET 18ft Equipment hauler $3299
10ET 20ft Equipment trailer $3599 Special This week $3299

12ET 16FT Equipment Trailers $3899
12ET 18FT Equipment Trailers $3999
12ET 20FT Equipment Haulers $4099

Popular Options
Extra Care in every detail $ Included
Spare RADIAL Tire $120 for 10ET and $160 12ET
Spare Mount $50
Custom Colors $150 and up
Winch Mount with battery bracket $200
Aluminum Mag Rims $320
Weld On Forged D-Rings $8 Each
Tubing Side Rails $400 shown in some pics..but not included
Semi Trailer Style 1/4"x2" Rub rail $300
Extra Stake Pockets $5
Our Extreme Concern in your satisfaction $Included




DOT Legal in all 50 States and Canada

We are a member of the World vin system. Your trailer gets a 17 digit Vin just like Ford and Chevy

We build each trailer and we are happy to accommodate special builds for customers with special requests.


1. What's the cash price? We do not offer discount for customers paying in cash.
2A. What's the price out the door? For residents of most counties it is the price on the ad plus 7% Sales tax and $5.50 Florida required tire and battery disposal fee.
2B. IF I pay cash can you do anything to lower the taxes. Sorry we can not.
2C. What forms of payment do you take. For deposits credit cards, For final balances we take Cashiers check, Debit Cards, and Cash
3. How much does it weigh? call for details
4. What are your hours? M-F 7-4
5. Are you a dealer? No we are a manufacturer. We do stock our base models when the production schedule permits? If we do not have the trailer you want in stock our build time is usually less than 2 weeks and we only require a $200 Deposit.
6. Where are you located? in Mulberry on HWY 60 100 yards east of county line rd, ..for those not from here...that in the Tampa Bay area
7. Delivery to S. FL is $285
8. Do you speak spanish? Yes
9. Do you offer financing? Yes you can get pre approved at www.financemytrailer.com
10. Does the size of Bigfoot Trailers include the Dove Tail? Yes our 20ft trailer is 18ft flat plus 2 ft Dove Tail.

How to Choose a Trailer?
Many dealers or manufacturers are trying to confuse you into believing they have the best trailer. At Viper Cargo we want try to educate our customers and help them make an informed purchase decision. EXAMPLE 1. Watch for dealers who advertise their axles are cambered. ALL Trailer Axles are cambered. Which means the axle tube is bent slightly to create the best tire wear under a load.

Important things to watch for: the following are areas competitors will "cheap out on" to fool you into thinking you are getting a good deal.
1. Paint Prep. MANY manufacturers paint directly on the oil film and mill scale that is covering the steel. When steel is shipped it is covered by a thick....grease-like oil that keeps the steel from rusting in transit. More than half the trailers made today are being painted with out removing these oils. There is no way paint will adhere to the trailer over the long haul.
2. DOT LAWS. Many trailers are made with out adhering to the rules of the NHTSA or DOT rules. Some manufacturers dont even know the laws. The trailer industry has an trade association called the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers or NATM. To be a member of NATM a manufactuer like Bigfoot must have regular audits to ensure they are following all the rules and laws.
IF there is not a NATM sticker on the trailer, its a good idea not to buy that trailer.
3. Lighting. 2 important things...does the trailer have all required lighting for DOT laws, and what is the quality of the lighting. We use ALL LED lights. LED lights typically last the life of the trailer. They require much less power to light up, and they are much brighter. As a member of the NATM Bigfoot manufacturrs all its trailer with all the required lights OR MORE.
4. Paint Quality - It doesnt matter if the trailer is powder coated or wet painted if the paint quality is poor. Poor powder coating flakes off or rusts thru and is no easy to touchup or repair. The best paint job is with a high end primer coat, followed by a enamel coating. Look under the trailer many do not paint the crossmembers or underside of the trailer. Many large companies building trailers do not even paint the axle hardware...YIKES!
5. Axles! the heart of the trailer. Just buy the best Dexter. Best warranty service...best quality control.
6. Tires! Super important. Radial Tires are critical. Bias ply...CHEAPO tires are not made to go over 60MPH and fail ALL THE TIME. If you are on a long trip and get a flat it will ruin your trip for sure. Commercial or everyday users will find cheap tires will wear out often and cost more to keep on the road.
7. Wiring and Electrical. Some manufacturers are still building tandem axle trailers with no emergency break away kit braking system. This is a violation of DOT rules in almost every state. Especially ours. Many who do install the emergency break away kit use a cheap system that has no charging system. What good is a back up break system with a dead battery. Be careful on this issue as it is a huge liability concern for the user. Our system has a charging system built in and there is a test button. You can always know if your system is ready and charged.
8. Fenders and fender back...A sneaky way to save money is using 9" fenders or thin metal fenders. How many trailers have you seen going down the road with the fenders tearing off...the tires sticking our farther than the cheap narrow fenders, or the thin 16 guage fender backs tearing out.
9. Safety chains. Each safety chain should be able to support the entire weight of the trailer and it payload. Many will buy chains that are only rated to hold the load when both chains are added together. The load in an emergency is not going to attack the chains at exactly the same time. One will break and then the other.

There are many considerations when buying a trailer. At Bigfoot we try to use the very best component and methods in every aspect of the trailer. Please call us if you have further questions.

7x20 7 x 20 7'x20' 7' x 20' 7ftx20ft 7 ft x 20 ft foot feet Inch Inches Feets Foots foot feet Inch Inches Feets Foots 7x18 7 x 18 7'x18' 7' x 18' 7ftx18ft
14ft 14' car trailer
16ft 16' car hauler
24 equipment trailer

7x20 7 x 20 7'x20' 7' x 20' 7ftx20ft 7 ft x 20 ft foot feet Inch Inches Feets Foots foot feet Inch Inches Feets Foots 7x18 7 x 18 7'x18' 7' x 18' 7ftx18ft
14ft 14' car trailer
16ft 16' car hauler
24 equipment trailer

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